"Since I travel quite a bit and CANNOT be without my Kangen Water,
I take my machine with me where ever I go.  To protect my machine, I
ONLY travel with it in a solid, durable Kangen Case!  People who
know me know I do not recommend ANYTHING I don't use or believe
in...when it comes to my Kangen Case, I DO BOTH!!  If you travel
demand the best and keep your machine safe and secure...your
machine is worth it...get yourself a Kangen Case!"

                 Gerald Kostecka 6A4-2, Author, Trainer & Enagic Distributor Leader  
Look professional, protect your investment and travel with ease!  Hard shell case is
durable, reliable, fits in overhead compartments when flying and comes with a
lifetime warranty.  It's the perfect companion to any machine owner who travels.  
Recommended by TOP Enagic Distributors around the world!
Kangen Cases
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