Kangen1 Demo Resources
Recommended Beverages:

We recommend that you use a variety of different beverages for your demo: bottled waters, flavored waters, sparkling water, sports
drink, soda, etc.  Be sure that whatever beverages you use are CLEAR, so that the pH testing fluid will react correctly.

Recommended ORP, pH & TDS Meters:

There are a lot of electronic meters available, some work much better than others with the demo.  If you are going to use an ORP Meter
during your demo, be sure to maintain the device properly.

Recommended Green Tea:

There are numerous bagged teas available, but some work much better for the demo.  Be sure to ask which are the preferred brands.

Recommended Oil:

We recommend using pure sesame oil or olive oil for the demo

Recommended Cherry Tomatoes:

We recommend cherry tomatoes for the demo because they have a lot of visible pesticide residue and because they are bite size.
There are numerous brands of cherry tomatoes that will work great for the demo, but some do work better than others.
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