Ride The Wave - Fifth Edition
Cover Price: $24.95

Ride The Wave was one of the first books ever written to help distributors learn how to be successful in
the Enagic business.  Now, in its 5th Edition, it has been updated and expanded to include the LATEST
information and BEST advice for success in this project.  Recommended by the TOP Distributors, this is a
MUST HAVE for any new distributor!  
Balanced Beauty Brochure

This tri-fold brochure is an elegant  introductory tool to the many beauty applications of pH
balanced alkaline and acidic water.  Perfect for both consumer prospects, as well as
professional prospects, like beauty salons and spas.
Kitchen Innovations Brochure

This tri-fold brochure was created to market to those who love to eat and cook.  This brochure
explains the different ways that the water can be used in a home kitchen, from drinking, to
cooking, to cleaning & sterilizing.  Very informative.  
Eco-Friendly Brochure

This tri-fold brochure was created to market to people who are concerned with the
environment and with the idea of "Living Green".  It explains the different eco-friendly waters,
as well as the increasing problem of single-use plastic water bottles.
Hardcore Hydration Brochure

This tri-fold brochure was created to market to the "Extreme Sports" & hardcore lifestyle.  A
perfect tool to approach the 25 - 40 year old age group that lives life in the fast lane and is
looking for a competitive edge.
Feeling Trapped Brochure

This tri-fold brochure was created to market to adults who are concerned with their weight.  It
provides compelling information about the severe damage caused by drinking soda, as well as
how drinking alkaline water can benefit them.
Do You Like Antioxidants?

This tri-fold brochure was created to market to prospects who are interested in the antioxidant
property of the water.  This is an effective way to explain how this water is able to interact with
the body as an antioxidant.
Tap Into A Fortune

This tri-fold brochure was created to market to prospects who are interested in the business.  
With our primary focus on the benefits of the products, this is the first time we have branched
out to include a brochure on the benefits of the business side of the products.

This tri-fold brochure was created to market to the newly opened India market.  Perfect for
prospects in both India and those of Indian decent living abroad.  The United States has a very
large Indian population, so this is the perfect brochure to open the conversation and maybe
even get yourself a few distributors in India!
CD'S & DVD'S - Sold Individually      ALL ARE ON SALE!!
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The Consumer Guide DVD is the most comprehensive video available regarding the Ionizer
Industry.  This is the BEST video to educate your prospects about the smear campaigns they will
find when searching the Internet for information about water ionizers.  Serious distributors use
this DVD for their own education and to expose the truth to their prospects!
The Will To Win - Ninja Style                                    ONLY $1 EACH!!
If you're looking for motivation...this is an AWESOME video!  The Will To Win - Ninja Style features
clips from the hit television show American Ninja Warrior.  This is an outstanding video to show
at Distributor Trainings to get people motivated and to believe they can succeed!  It highlights the
spills and thrills of the competition as competitor after competitor succumb to the grueling
course.  Even some of the TOP names in this emerging sport are no match for the toughness of
the different obstacles.  Then a 5 foot tall, 100 pound dynamo steps up and becomes the first
woman ever to complete a finals course.
International Health and Wellness DVD                   ONLY $1 EACH!!
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This is a quick, less than 5 1/2 minutes from beginning to end, no nonsense look at how
restructured water is being and has been used in Japan.  With raw, yet very powerful footage
from Japanese news and a completely rewritten explanation of how and why this water works.
Kangen Croonin' 3-Song Audio CD                           ONLY $3 EACH!!

Kangen Croonin' is a 3-song CD featuring two award winning Kangen songs, Don't Worry, Drink
Kangen, the 2015 Enagic Idol 1st place winner and Drinkin' 9.5, which took the top prize in the
2016 Enagic Idol at the 2016 Enagic Global Convention.  Performed by the energetic and talented
Harris Family this is the perfect CD for events or as a gift for new prospects!
Hardcore Health Magazine             
Cover Price: $14.95

This should appeal to just about EVERY sports fan out there. The magazine includes over 20 articles featuring fitness pros, gym
owners, pro athletes and even a two page interview with our impressive cover man, pro bodybuilder Toney "X-Man" Freeman.
These are real Kangen Water drinkers and Enagic ionizer owners and they are the REAL DEAL This magazine will catapult the
credibility of the Enagic machines into the stratosphere! Professional athletes have the resources to check things out and they
demand the BEST...which is why so many have selected an Enagic water ionizer.  This is a game changer!
Eco Living Magazine
Cover Price: $14.95

Contrary to what you might think, this magazine is NOT just for your favorite tree hugging hippie!  Our newest magazine is for
anyone that cares about their health, their finances and the environment!  With compelling articles about the bottled water
industry, eco-friendly non-toxic cleaning and sterilizing, cost comparisons, a special report from the HGTV show The Property
Brothers, an article about ISO 14001 Certification and much more, this magazine will be a big hit with anyone!  Get your copies and
find out how Purple is the New Green!
Consumer Guide Magazine
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Cover Price: $14.95

The Consumer Guide magazine is the BEST printed materials for dealing with the competition.   This 20 page magazine was
designed to address the most common objections and answer the most asked questions, like power supply, price, other ionizers
and ionizer features.  Includes a 2-page spread featuring even more celebrities that are drinking our water
Restaurateur Magazine                 ONLY $2.00 PER COPY!
Cover Price: $14.95

This is the newest release and the most powerful!  This magazine can be used to approach a restaurant owner or a stay-at-home
mom or dad that loves to cook or anyone in between.  With great information the pertains to both commercial and consumer
kitchens, this is the perfect magazine to spark the interest of anyone who likes good, healthy food.     
Illuminated Stylus Pen

Finally, a pen that is as BOLD & UNIQUE as the Enagic
business!  Sign up your next distributor with the pen
that will have them beaming with pride!  Makes a
GREAT new distributor gift and will shine as bright as
your hottest distributor stars!  One click illuminates
the pen in a way you have to see to believe!  Signing
up a new distributor will never be the same!!
$10 EACH
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